Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gays for unions - both kinds

Saw this sign at today's rally outside the Monona Terrace.

Last week, the LGBT rights group Fair Wisconsin came out against Governor Scott Walker's budget repair bill, which - among other things - would strip state and local public employees of almost all collective bargaining rights. Here's why, according to Fair Wisconsin:
Every time we've had a challenge, whether it's been the campaign against the 2006 constitutional amendment or vocal support of the domestic partner registry in 2009, Labor has never failed to stand with us in our time of need.

Yesterday, we heard about Governor Walker's plan to strip public employees' rights to organize and bargain collectively. This is our opportunity to thank these people – the same individuals who teach our children, care for our sick and even plow our streets – for their support by standing with them as they fight for their right to exist.

Our government should never be in the business of taking away people's rights.

Please join with Fair Wisconsin in contacting your legislators and asking them to protect our union brothers and sisters today.

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  1. Glad to see this blog active again. Missing all of you in WI right now.