Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tonight's Show: Prodigal Sons director and marriage equality demonstration

We enjoyed speaking with Kimberly Reed, director of the documentary Prodigal Sons, who grew up as Paul McKarrow in small-town Montana. The film follows Kimberly's reunion with her brother Mark after a long estrangement and their differing relationships with the past: Kimberly wants to forget her conflicted years as Paul; but to Mark, who suffered a brain injury in his early 20s, those years are often more vivid and real than the present.

Prodigal Sons has won numerous awards and was named the best documentary of 2009 by Curve magazine. The Queery crew gives it top honors, too. The film was released to DVD today and can be ordered here.

We also talked with Lessa Marty and Liam Manjon from LGBTI Equality Now, which is organizing a rally and march next week to protest the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-marriage equality group that is coming to Madison on Tuesday, July 27.

Participants will gather at Library Mall (the campus end of State Street) for speakers, including State Representative Mark Pocan, whose marriage to his partner Philip Frank in Canada is not recognized by the state of Wisconsin. They'll then march to the Capitol to greet the National Organization for Marriage at noon. The counter protest will go until about 1 p.m.

For more information. please go to the March for Marriage Equality Facebook page. There will be a sign-making party at noon on Sunday, July 25, at Outreach, 600 Williamson St.

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