Monday, December 7, 2009

Update on gay UW-Parkside student who was beaten on Halloween

Kenosha News ran this article on Friday giving an update on the situation of Jordan Miller, the UW-Parkside student who was beaten by four men while attending Halloween festivities in downtown Madison. Miller believes he was targeted because of his sexual orientation, about which a friend of his had commented loudly.

As a result of miscommunication between 911 dispatchers and law enforcement,
police who responded on Halloween to a call about the beating didn't realize that Miller had been attacked and thought he had merely passed out drunk. Miller received no medical treatment that night for fractures to his vertebrae and police did not follow up with Miller to ask him about his attackers until almost three weeks after the crime took place.

Miller does not intend to intitiate any legal actions against Madison's emergency services and law enforcement units, according to his attorney, but is attempting to locate his attackers.

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  1. Legal action against Madison's emergency servies and law enforcement was not "planned" at the time the article was written.

    Perhaps WORT should contact Mr. Miller for an interview. He had to withdraw from college and plans for a career in New York are on hold because of his injuries.