Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Didn't get enough of Cleve Jones?: Cleve Jones Talk, Part 1

Our show is just half an hour, while Cleve Jones' talk in Madison was three times that long. Missing from tonight's broadcast was an account of the start of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, Jones' own coming out as a person with HIV, the anti-gay-motivated attempt on his life in 1985, a detailed look at the connections among all human rights struggles, and additional arguments in favor of the National Equality March on October 10 and 11. You can listen here. For more downloading convenience, we've cut the file into two 50-minute segments. The second segment is below.

Thanks to Haymarket Books for coming to the rescue and providing the audio after our own attempt to record the talk failed due to technical issues or operator error - we're not sure which.

The local contact for the National Equality March is LGBTequalityNow(at)

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