Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Governor Doyle appoints attorney to defend the state in domestic partnership case

Governor Jim Doyle has appointed Madison attorney Lester Pines to defend the state in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn Wisconsin's domestic partner registry. The attorney general would normally represent the state, but the current AG, J.B. Van Hollen, has refused. Van Hollen says that the domestic partner registry is constitutionally indefensible.

The state will pay Pines for his representation, but there has been no indication that the fees will be subtracted from Van Hollen's salary.

Pines is a partner in Cullen Weston Pines & Bach LLP who received his law degree from UW-Madison in 1975. He was active in the failed attempt to defeat the 2006 constitutional amendment that barred same-sex marriages and is currently involved in a lawsuit to overturn the 2006 amendment on technical grounds. He has argued several cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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