Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episcopal church affirms eligibility of gays and lesbians for ministry

The Episcopal Church USA, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, affirmed Tuesday that embracing one's homosexual orientation or being in a committed same-sex partnership does not disqualify candidates for ordained ministry, and that LGB clergy can serve in "any ordained ministry."

The decision paves the way for dioceses that want to appoint LGB clergy to higher clerical posts, including bishop. Three years ago, the church's General Convention asked dioceses to refrain from making such appointment, a response to threats of a possible schism in the Anglican Communion after the 2003 appointment of New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who is openly gay and in a committed relationship with another man.

Archbishop of Canterbury (England) Rowan Williams, the head of the Anglican Communion, has expressed disappointment in the Episcopal Church's decision.

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