Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marriage Equality Moving Forward in Nation's Capital

The DC City Council has passed a resolution to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions where they are legal. This would be similar to New York's current stance on same-sex marriages; the state only offers marriage licenses for opposite-sex couples, but recognizes same-sex marriages performed in Canada, Massachusetts, Iowa, etc.

But just because the council approved the change doesn't mean it will be enacted. Like all DC legislation, the marriage bill must receive the approval of Congress in order to be official.

Michael Crawford, chair of DC for Marriage, said, "We thank the DC City Council for voting to recognize the marriages performed in other jurisdictions as marriage in the District. This important legislation will help to strengthen families in D.C. and show that families headed by same-sex couples deserve equal treatment and respect under the law. We look forward to Mayor Adrian Fenty signing the legislation and hope that members of Congress will respect the choice by the D.C. City Council to provide recognition for legally married couples."

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