Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama makes first LGBT appointment

From this show's weekly news roundup by K.P. Whaley:

Nancy Sutley will become the first LGBT appointment of the Obama administration.
The president-elect announced Monday that Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley will be a senior member of his environmental team, as the head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Sutley has previously served in various roles on the federal and state level for environmental agencies, including as adviser to former California Governor Gray Davis, a member of the California Water Resources Control Board, and the state environmental agency's deputy secretary for policy and intergovernmental relations. She also worked for Hillary Clinton during her primary bid for the presidency and was the campaign chair for the LGBT Steering Committee in California.
Gay rights groups are praising the nomination as another step toward full equality for gay Americans.

Not to be overlooked, the other appointments—although not gay—are worth noting. The environmental team is being touted as the “green” dream team and also includes physicist Steven Chu, who was named Secretary of Energy, and Lisa Jackson, selected to head the Environmental Protection Agency. And just today Carol Browner was announced as Obama’s pick for energy czar. In making the announcements, Obama said, "This time has to be different. This time we cannot fail."

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