Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hong Kong holds first pride parade

From this show's weekly news roundup by K.P. Whaley:

Hong Kong held its first official gay-pride parade last weekend—quite revolutionary for a country that rarely acknowledges homosexuality, let alone celebrates it. Approximately 1,000 parade-goers stopped traffic, filled the streets and spread their message to "celebrate love." A rainbow-colored dragon bobbed over the heads of men donning dresses and dancing to "celebrate pride," which warbled through a loudspeaker in the center of the city. Also, men with red-feathered tiaras chanted, "Pride parade! Pride parade! Pride parade!" in Cantonese and English while marching through Hong Kong’s congested Hennessey road waving multicolored pride flags.

Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1991, after more than a decade of discussion. But a stigma remains, as do discriminatory statutes with double standards, such as older age-of-consent laws and cases of discrimination against homosexuals in the workforce and housing.

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